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Take your practice to the next level

Updated: May 10, 2019

I hear it time and time again: 'I'm not noticing any difference yet..'

There are so many reasons for this, one is that change takes time. There is no quick fix and although this sounds like a bad thing, after a couple of months your new routine becomes super enjoyable and you realise that you're no longer living for the rewards, you're just living!

Secondly, once a week just won't cut it. Sorry! To begin with, once a week is fabulous, I'm just so excited to have inspired you to practice this amount and am always over the moon when people choose movement. But when that same person who has been practising for months only once a week with me starts coming to another class.... now we're talking! Now that they are practising twice a week or more, their mindset alters drastically along with their body and their yoga.

Progression comes with practice and once a week, though I applaud any movement, just doesn't get results as it's like starting fresh every time you get on the mat.

Pros and Cons to once a week:

Each class will help you feel less stressed and more flexible, both good things. And a once-weekly session may also fuel your fire to do more yoga. The value of taking time for self-care and to listen to your body cannot be overstated, and yoga is a great way to encourage both.

The downside to practising yoga once a week, however, is that it's a bit like starting over each time. You are likely to feel sore after every class, for example. You'll feel the benefits of an individual session, but it's hard to truly build your skills, strength, and flexibility this way.

This is especially true when you are new to yoga and learning the different poses. This might make it more challenging for you to motivate yourself to continue, since you may feel stuck in beginner mode.

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