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A workshop at Tipi Yoga is a 'class' with a focus. A workshop gives you the opportunity to really hone in on your goals whilst surrounded by a group of like-minded people who have similar aspirations. Often a great starting place for total beginners to dip their toes into the yoga world, workshops are also wonderful tools for experienced practitioners to take their practice to the next level and get more of an understanding in the focus of the workshop.

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Yin and Yoga Nidra.png

Yin and Yoga Nidra

August 28th 2021


Tipi Yoga

Yin yoga will prepare you physically and mentally for the later stage of meditation, slowing the body and the mind as you explore the body from deep within. Once the Yin has worked it's magic, we welcome Savasana with warm blankets and cushions to cocoon you as you are guided through your Yoga Nidra practice. You can of course bring your own blankets and pillows if you wish.

The workshop is suitable for anyone of any yoga experience, regardless of age, fitness level, health or knowledge. All are welcome - any queries let me know.

More about the yoga:

Yin Yoga - Yin yoga involves long held poses (3-6 minutes), to move away from the elastic muscle tissue and into the connective tissues of he joint capsules and ligaments. These tissues that normally are protected by about muscles in flow styles of yoga, are looking for a stress to encourage them to lengthen and strengthen. Yin poses tend to be seated to allow space to exploreboth body and mind and the time of poses gives mini meditation blocks to really focus on being mindful.

Yin is suitable for all levels and is a great addition to your practices, especially if you are a runner or cyclist, or even just a full on Ashtangi yogi. The simple postures of of Yin mean that you will not get a (physical) sweat on but simple doesn't mean easy, so expect to mentally get your sweat on.

Yoga Nidra - Yoga Nidra translates from Sanskirt as yoga sleep, it is said that 1 hour of this deep relaxation is equivalent to 4 hours of sleep. This is a very deep, restful state that allows for both the body and the mind to fully release. Yoga Nidra is the state of mind before unconciousness - by reaching this state, your mind clears, stress and anxiety levels reduce along with blood pressure and heart rate. Your body relaxes and your brain is given the chance to build new neuron pathways - Yoga Nidra aids in helping with chronic pain, anxiety, depression, PTSD, a fast western life and stress - to name a few. Relax, unwind and enter the pure tranquility of Yoga Nidra.


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Yoga for your Hips

August 1st 2021


Tipi Yoga

November 28th 2021


Etchingham Parker Hall

It is said that we store emotion in our hips, specifically trauma, and while we can't scientifically pin down a correlation between tightness in the hips and our emotions, we do know that when we are in stressful situations (“fight or flight” occurrences), we engage our emotional muscles, and we tighten our hips.

The tighter our hips, the tighter the lower back; with tension amassing in these regions, the Psoas is prone to shortening, making it harder to walk, sit, stand, and practice yoga. Our lifestyle choices of office work, sitting too much, attending the gym without stretching prior all result in hip flexor compression and shortening leading to hip, knee and lower back pain and problems. Running and cycling can also have similar impacts on the hips. Learning to open your hips safely is the prime goal of this workshop – we will use seated, supine and standing postures to increase range of movement, muscle, joint and ligament strength and flexibility.

This workshop will contain yoga asana that will help open and release your hips, through slow yoga and yin yoga we will slowly but surely delve into the connective tissue and safely increase flexibility.


Learn to fly!.png

Inversions and Arm Balances

May 8th 2022

10.30am - 12pm

Etchingham Parker Hall

Challenging and trusting yourself as you learn to prepare your mind and body for all inversions and arm balances; from crow to handstand. 
Your strong, balanced practice starts now. 
1.5 hours long with coconut water and hands on tuition. 
Suitable for beginner and intermediate yogis.
£15 and to leave with the skills to fly!


Yoga for Runners.png

Yoga for Runners

October 2nd 2021


Etchingham Parker Hall

If you run you have more than likely suffered the down side - twinged muscles, ankles that give way, Sciatica, dodgy knees, tight hamstrings and thighs. But you love the up side, and that's why you plod on! You enjoy the cardiovascular benefits, the strength, freedom and stamina. Or perhaps you find it therapeutic. Whether you wish to improve your running or nurse/prevent an injury this workshop is sure to help you out.

Exploring poses which will help ease out any injuries caused by running and work into tight areas such as ankles, hamstrings, hip flexors, calves and thighs before moving on to a more dynamic 'flow' to develop a more efficient breathing style to incorporate into your runs. Slowing down again we will look into lengthening the spine, often compressed by running, and twisting it also as runners often only exercise in the sagittal plane (vertical) and opening the chest again to expand the breaths.

The workshop is suitable for anyone who does not have any serious injuries, broken bones and the like, and runs regularly or has just got into running.


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Super Slow Yoga Sessions


September 11th (The Tipi)
October 23rd (Etchingham Parker Hall)
December 4th (Etchingham Parker Hall


The opportunity to unwind and restore using restorative yoga and guided meditation.

This is your you-time, where you focus on letting go physically and mentally.

Each session will have a different theme for you to follow and take away with you. From mantras to kriyas, ideas to exercises. Every session will be relaxing and rejuvenating.

This class is a wonderful addition to your other yoga classes as it helps you to travel inward. The other classes that I offer are more physical and dynamic so this class will be a way for you to exercise your well being and mental health, too. It will also be a chance to work solely on flexibility, no strength training or sweaty flows. Purely breath work and slow movements.

£10 per session

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Chakra Balancing through Yoga

September 5th 2022

3pm - 4pm

The Tipi

Learn to tune in and help balance you chakra (energy) system. You will go through each chakra, meditating and practising asana to connect, understand, let go and balance your energetical centres. This be a personal exploration of learning what is going on for you, and how you can bring more balance into your life.

Exploring asanas (yoga postures) to help tune and balance the 7 main energy centres, called chakras. Each chakra is associated with particular functions within the body and with specific life issues and the way we handle them, both inside ourselves and in our interactions with the world. Chakras become blocked by stress and holding on to negative emotions.

Practising yoga poses that correspond to each chakra can release these blockages and clear the path to feeling whole, becoming your true self and connecting to your higher consciousness. Lean to come into balance physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.


Guided Meditation

August 14th 2021


Tipi Yoga

Guided meditation is exactly what is says on the tin! Meditation that I lead you through. You will be in Savasana (lying down) the entire time, comfy and cosy, wrapped in blankets and cushions.

Some benefits:

Guided Meditation will have an effect on your overall cognitive abilities, helping you to focus more, have more concentration, develop skills quicker, and increase your memory powers.

Give you an amazing, magical experience by taking you on a journey into the unknown doorways in your mind.

It will help you to think clearer, and clear your mind of cluttering thoughts, that clog the mind.

It will help to increase mental well-being and can help with depression and anxiety.

It will help to lower blood pressure, and reduce stress.

Has been shown to help with treatment of many illnesses, and improve overall quality of life.

Improves your visualisation skills, which will help to improve right brain thinking.

Strengthens the connection between the right and left hemisphere of your brain.

Improves physical health, by slowing down your heart rate.

Deepens the connection to your subconscious mind.

Helps you to relax at a very deep level.


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Yoga for Charity

July 18th 2021


The Tipi, Tipi Yoga

Join me on June 20th  to celebrate International Yoga Day (which falls on June 21st but this is a Monday), with a lovely Hatha yoga class in the Tipi.

Hatha (pronounced Ha-Tha), is a gentle practice focusing on building a strong yogic foundation, suitable for all levels.

All proceeds go to Folly Wildlife Trust.

Please note that you must reserve your space by email/message as spaces are limited. You must also click going on the facebook page.


Full Moon Slow Flow (1).png

Full Moon Slow Flow, Restoration and Nidra

July 24th 2021

7pm - 8pm

The Tipi

The Buck Moon Flow

In yoga we celebrate the moon as a feminine source of energy (receptive, cool and embracing), we will embrace this and channel it into our yoga. To start we will warm up with some slowed down Moon Salutations then begin with our restorative practice. Slow and gentle in cardiovascular terms yet productive with flexibility and holds, the slow flow will embrace feminine pose such as Goddess and Wild Thing - poses with a focus on letting go. Restorative targets the connective tissues, such as the ligaments, bones, and joint capsules of the hips, pelvis and lower spine, this slow but effective style includes longer asana holds to allow the body to deepen into poses and stretches but in a truly relaxing and mindful way with the overall intention again of letting go, releasing and surrendering. Ending with a guided yoga Nidra practice to fully release any tension or cares.


Some more to look forward to...

Partner Yoga --- Acro Yoga --- Yoga for Women --- Over 65’s Yoga --- Post Natal Yoga ---- Pregnancy Yoga --- Desk Yoga --- Yoga for Cyclists ---- Yoga for you and your baby --- Yoga Fitness for Men --- Mindfulness --- Native American Healing --- Sound Bath --- Backbends and Dropbacks --- Yoga for Teens

Some more information...

Please wear comfortable yoga clothing, bring props such as bolsters, yoga wheels, eye bags, blankets, pillows, blocks and straps if you wish. Bring a water bottle with you, and a light snack, too, if you would like to. If you don’t have your own yoga mat one will be provided for you but please ask in advance.

If the workshop you are attending takes place in the Tipi please be mindful that there are no toilet facilities and to bring a couple of extra layers just in case you get chilly (fluffy socks are encouraged for Savasana). 

There is a one week cancellation policy on all workshops, if you cancel within 7 days prior to the day of your workshop you will not receive a credit refund or exchange. Prior to 7 days you will.