What is Yoga?


Yoga was developed more than 5,000 years ago in India as a comprehensive system for well being on all levels: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Translated from the ancient language of Sankrit as 'to unite' or 'yolk' it makes sense that the objective of an ongoing yoga practice to unify the body and mind. 

There are many styles to choose from which have different foci - Yin for flexibility, Hatha (pronunced Hat Ha) for an all round practice, Vinyasa Flow to sweat, Nidra for the mind, the list goes on. As you develop your practice you will evolve from style to style, growing and learning about yourself, your body and your mind.

Scroll down to find the Tipi Yoga timetable and yoga style guide

Tipi Yoga Group Classes


3:30pm Kid's Yoga (Years 4 to 6) term times in Etchingham Parker Hall (45 minutes)*

6:45pm in Etchingham Parker Hall, Dynamic Yoga (1 hour)


8:30am at Knowle Grange Health Spa, Frant, Dynamic Yoga (1 hour)*

3:30pm Tiny Tots Yoga (Reception to Year 3) term times in Etchingham Parker Hall (30 minutes)*


6:20pm at St Mark’s Primary School, Tunbridge Wells, Yoga (1 hour)*


11:15am at Gover Gym, Heathfield, Dynamic Yoga (1 hour)*



Monthly, 6:45pm in Etchingham Parker Hall, Super Slow Yoga (1 hour)*


10am in Etchingham Parker Hall, Yoga (1 hour)


Private yoga classes and Thai massage only

* requires booking. To book a space in a yoga class please email ebony@tipiyoga.co.uk

Bank holiday classes, one off classes and workshops require booking.

ALL classes are book on from November 1st to February 1st yearly.

To book into Knowle Grange and GoVer classes simply contact them directly, you do not need to be a member to attend Tipi Yoga classes.

Please remember to bring a water bottle, a non-slip towel and non-slip yoga mat with you. Alternatively, yoga mats are available for £1 hire.


First 3 Class Pass - £15 (£5 per class) - redeemable within one month of purchase.

1 Class Pass - £10 - redeemable within one month of purchase.

5 Class Pass - £45 (£9 per class) - redeemable within five months of purchase.

Set 10 Class Pass - £70 (£7 per class) - to be used on the same 10 chronological classes.

10 Class Pass - £80 (£8 per class) - redeemable within ten months of purchase.

Loyal yogis get 10% off on their birthday every year!

Email ebony@tipiyoga.co.uk with the code ITSMYBIRTHDAY to redeem your discount.


Yoga style guide

Vinyasa Flow

A dynamic style of yoga giving a cardiovascular workout, flowing through poses with breath.

Not recommended for complete beginners.

Beginner Vinyasa Flow

A soft introduction into Vinyasa Flow Yoga - a dynamic style of yoga giving a cardiovascular workout, flowing through poses with breath but slowed and toned down for beginners.


A gentle practice focusing on building a strong yogic foundation, suitable for all levels.


Targeting the connective tissues, such as the ligaments, bones, and joints of the hips, pelvis and lower spine, this slow but effective style includes longer asana holds to allow the body to deepen into poses and stretches.


Gentle, relaxing yoga. With the use of blankets and bolsters restorative yoga gives you the chance to take some time out, whether relaxing aching muscles or simply unwinding after a stressful week. Restorative yoga leads to increased flexibility and strength – yet you don’t even notice it happening! Socks and layered clothing is recommended.

Super Slow Yoga

A mixture of Yin yoga, Restorative yoga, slow Hatha yoga with a sprinkling of guided meditations and yoga nidra, topped with a little Thai massage. 'Silent' classes to work the mind.

Aerial Yoga

Yoga that takes place in a swing, or hammock, elevated from the ground by straps attached to the ceiling. Classes can be restorative, dynamic or similar to silks (advanced). As a standard class progresses you come from sitting on the hammock performing simple stretches, to hanging completely upside down (inverting is the proper terminology for this). This might appear a little acrobatic – but it could be exactly what you need to shake up your usual yoga routine – and your daily life. Inversions are incredibly good for your brain and body (though do let the teacher know of any heart problems or high blood pressure). And bare in mind before you click off of this page having ruled out Aerial for good that the first inversion you will learn your upper body will be entirely in contact with the floor (a shoulder stand)!

Yoga for Children

"Children feel increasingly stressed and overworked often with few ways of being able to counter the demands that arise in their lives. It's more important than ever for children to have an outlet to breathe, to become aware of their body in a non-competitive environment, and to relax and have fun. When a child is encouraged to take breaks and find calm, they’re better able to reach their potential at school and to live a more fulfilling personal life.
Through practising yoga children learn to focus, concentrate and develop patience, as well as building strength, balance and flexibility. And within the yoga class environment they learn that it’s safe to express themselves."

Yin and Yang

Yin targets the connective tissues, such as the ligaments, bones, and joints of the hips, pelvis and lower spine, this slow but effective style includes longer asana holds to allow the body to deepen into poses and stretches. Yang is very dynamic yoga giving a cardiovascular workout as well as increasing strength and balance. The class is split down the middle between the two styles and lasts 60 minutes in total.

Yoga Nidra

 With the aim of relaxing all tension, clearing and training the mind and counteracting a stressful, fast paced western lifestyle, Yoga Nidra is a state of ultimate relaxation through a guided mediation.

Core Power Yoga

A tough workout incorporating sun salutations, inversions and arm balances and most importantly core work – asanas will be held for longer and you will be encouraged to challenge yourself. Intermediate yogi level. 90 minutes.

Pregnancy Yoga

Coming Soon…

There is no better time to be as healthy as possible than when you have a little one on the way, pregnancy yoga offers the chance for a safe, controlled way to stretch out and keep healthy during this special time.

Baby Yoga

Coming Soon...

Taking some time for just the two of you with the aim of strengthening, increasing your baby's joint flexibility, regulating the digestive system which may reduce the discomfort of colic, wind and constipation, improving blood flow, relaxing and calming your baby, which can reduce the heart rate and lead to a better sleep pattern as well as meeting other yogi parents.

Chair Yoga

Coming Soon...

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