Online Yoga

Yoga online is an excellent way to stay fit and healthy when your lifestyle doesn't fit in with a yoga class schedule (or when you're in COVID-19 lockdown...)


Tipi Yoga offers you private online yoga via Skype at a time which suits you.

One class is £35

Five classes are £165

Ten classes are £320



You can join me on Zoom for group yoga.

To join me on Zoom let me know which classes you'd like to join by emailing then follow the links below, I'll be there 15 minutes prior to the start of the class. If you're nervous about using Zoom let me know and we can have a Zoom practice together.

Dynamic Yoga at 6.45pm on Mondays

Hatha at 10am on Saturdays


To join any of the 3 weekly group live classes message or email me asap!

(Latest of 4pm on Mondays, 7pm the night before for the morning classes).
Live classes take place on Zoom with a minimum of 2 booked participants.

£5-10 donation per class can be made via paypal or bank transfer - Ebony Colley, acc 776599, sort, 03059660


Check out my recorded yoga classes on Youtube, all available below. 

These are also £5-10 donation based classes.

If you would like them sent to you via email let me know and if you have any requests for classes give me a shout!


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