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A successful and high functioning workplace is one where the employees and teams are calm and relaxed. There are always stresses in any work environment but a well cared for employee will deal with these obstacles calmly and efficiently.

Tipi Yoga Well Being packages offer yoga classes that are specifically tailored to enhance the well-being of employees and provide a space to let go of stresses and tensions that are faced day to day, as well as Desk Yoga workshops, seated and Thai massage and guided meditations.

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There are many ways to become more mindful and take better care of one self and those around them.


Chair Massage

Seated acupressure chair massage, or on site massage, is a rejuvenating treatment that’s ideal for the workplace, those with only a little while to pamper themselves, those who find lying down uncomfortable or those who would prefer a seated massage. Using a specially designed chair, our massage therapists use a combination of massage and acupressure techniques on the back, neck, shoulders, arms, hands and scalp. The massage can be fully clothed so disruption to the work day is minimal, it is 30 minutes of pure relaxation time without any fuss, leaving the receiver refreshed and revitalised.

Optional wax based seated massage available – the receiver need only remove their top to reveal their back, this option is more comparable to a Swedish massage and is just as therapeutic and effective.

Our professional mobile massage therapists are specialists in seated massage and bring everything they need to provide your massage treatments. The massages can take place in any room with no other people in, preferably not too chilly though!

Same day results that last for weeks.

Guided Meditation

Mindfulness is the practice of paying more attention to the present moment. It’s understood that by observing your own thoughts, feelings and physical sensations, you can improve your mental wellbeing.

According to the Mind and Body Medical Institute at Harvard University, mindfulness enhances the qualities companies need most from their workforce:

  • increased brain-wave activity

  • enhanced intuition

  • better concentration

  • positive results in executive performance

  • employee engagement

  • employee retention and bottom-line results


Guided Meditation – one off sessions or regular courses for groups where individuals can practice mindfulness meditation techniques to bring about positive change. During the session, you’ll be guided through techniques and practices that leave you calmer, with a greater sense of clarity. Sessions are generally between 15 & 60 minutes long and can be done at any time of the day. The longer the session the more impactful.

For this a quiet room with space to lay out yoga mats is needed. All equipment provided including soothing music and lavender eye bags. This truly is a relaxing break from the world outside. You are then guided through meditation and will emerge a calmer you.

Hand and Foot Massage

Hand massages and foot massages are wonderfully relaxing and a great choice of massage when convenience is key. They are quick and easy to implement, perfect if the receiver does not wish to disturb their hair and make up or has a very busy day and can only spare 10-15 minutes of time for themselves.

With a foot massage the receiver can even eat lunch at the same time if their schedule is jam packed. But this small amount of time dedicated to them self could gain them energy, motivate and rejuvenate them for the rest of their busy day.

Indian Head Massage

This type of mobile massage has been ideally adapted for the office as it’s done over the clothes and without oils. All that’s needed is a regular office chair (a cushion is provided to support the lumbar spine) making this a popular and convenient choice of treatment. Indian head massage at work is ideal as either a quick 10 minute pick-me-up or a longer, more relaxing massage. Very low fuss form of massage, women may wish to comb their hair after ward.

Desk Yoga Workshops

The Desk Yoga Workshop is specifically designed to teach office and desk workers how to integrate simple and effective yoga poses, meditation techniques, and breathing practices into their busy workday as well as using them at home. The cumulative effects of yoga help you to be the best version of yourself, both at the office and in your daily life.

Our desk yoga sessions focus on yoga stretches and core strengthening techniques. We explain the benefits of keeping active at work and include deep breathing exercises to promote relaxation.


With more people working at a desk and having a sedentary lifestyle it’s no wonder a great deal of us suffer from tension, stiffness and fatigue.

If you work in an office, at a desk, have suffered lower back pain, wrist discomfort, shoulder tension, or headaches. Or have you ever felt tired, stressed, or overwhelmed at work then desk yoga can certainly help!

We’ll cover:

  • Desk yoga you can do at work in your business clothes at your desk;

  • Yoga asana (poses) for common workplace ailments such as low back/hip pain, wrist issues, headaches, and neck/shoulder tension;

  • Yoga asana for better posture;

  • Meditation techniques that help increase focus and productivity;

  • Practical breathing techniques that help reduce stress and anxiety; and,

  • Yoga asana to do before bed for a good night’s sleep.

The workshops are tailored to your office environment and are not aimed at seasoned 'yogis', they are inclusive for all ages and abilities and mostly chair based.

  • Flexible workshops for the whole office

  • Choose a one hour class or divide into several shorter sessions

  • Follow up advice sheet with exercise plan

  • Ideal for call centres and open plan offices

  • Improves posture awareness

  • Learn to relax and let go of stress

  • Can be done in a meeting room, on the office floor or via webinar


Everyone will leave with tools to help manage pain and stress. Research continues to show that a consistent yoga and meditation practice changes your brain for the better. Yoga helps to reduce stress and bring creativity, innovation, and productivity to the place many of us spend the majority of our time – the office!

Attire: Feel free to wear yoga clothes, or any clothing that you might wear to your office. Our aim is to help you create a yoga system that works for you no matter where you are, or what you’re wearing. If you don’t have your own yoga mat, one will be provided for you.

Doing daily stretches at your desk, aligned with deep breathing, will ease tension, fatigue and stress. Posture improves and you’ll gain a new sense of energy, helping you to become more productive at your workplace.

Yoga Classes

Yoga classes at work are a great way to promote well being in the workplace. They encourage movement and exercise, helping to improve posture and decrease stress.

They focus on creating balance through gentle exercises, breathing and relaxation techniques. Teaching postures that help develop both core strength and flexibility whilst breathing exercises and meditation techniques help to quieten the mind and bring a greater sense of well being.

There are before work, lunchtime and evening classes available for the live or in person classes from fully qualified, insured yoga instructors who are first aid trained.

One off or regular sessions are available. Our in person sessions are charged per person with a minimum of 5 people per session. A room or open space large enough for them to stand, sit and lie down on yoga mats is needed.

Recorded, live and in person.


Chair Massage – Indian Head Massage – Hand and Foot Massage


2 hours £60 per hour
3 hours £55 per hour
4+ hours £50 per hour

Chair and Indian Head massage are 30 minute slots, Hand and Foot are 15 minute slots.

Guided Mediation Workshops/Sessions 


£10 per person (minimum 5 people),

15 mats available

Desk Yoga Workshop

1 hour – £100

Yoga classes

1 hour

£45 1-4 people

£55 5+ people

15 mats available

Recorded or live online yoga classes

20 minutes - £20

1 hour - £38

Transferred via WeTransfer






2 hours of massage (in 30 minute slots)

1 hour yoga class



2 hours of massage (in 30 minute slots)

1 Desk Yoga Workshop



3 hours of massage (in 30 minute slots)

1 Desk Yoga Workshop followed by Guided Meditation


Online Reconnect

A weekly recorded 20 minute small space meditation and yoga class for one month (4 classes)


50% deposit required on all corporate bookings

Credit card payments not accepted yet